What can Cee Tone Technology do for your entity?

  • security consulting services, from vCISO project lead implementing SOC2, ISO27001 and related, not to mention hands-on guidance where others dwell only at the high level

  • a wide variety of FreeBSD and OpenBSD solutions, including infrastructure and development

  • 24/7 monitoring of public network devices, including routers and servers, with prompt alerts in the event of non-responsiveness

  • network integration to improve security and performance of your already existing network

  • full security assessments of devices and networks by applying world-class expertise to your in-production tools

  • experienced and knowledgable due diligence work, whether for immediate technical issues at your firm or for matters of mergers & acquisitions, initial public offerings, private placements, etc.

    Feel free to contact us with any inquiries about what we can do for your firm.